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Desktop Presets Vol. 2

Desktop Presets Vol. 2


These Desktop Presets are my favorite presets I’ve created yet. They are super versatile and make all my photos look like a dream. They make your photos feel bright, happy, and poppin’. 




  • 19 presets that I use on all of my photos 




Make sure you use RAW images for best results. Will not work as well with JPEG - must have an Adobe subscription to use these presets.


The download link will expire after 30 days so make sure to download and back up before then!


*doesn't include mobile presets


If you have questions on how to get the desktop presets into Lightroom I have a video that walks you through step by step on the “help” page on my website.


Once you receive the email with the presets please first download them to your computer. Make sure to save them to a hard drive or the cloud so you don’t lose them when upgrading your computer. I won’t be able to resend them to you if they get lost.





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