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My new fav dry shampoo !!

This post is sponsored by Waterl<ss.


It's been a minute since sharing some of my thoughts here on the blog and I've made a goal for 2020 to be a million times better at it! (that's a measurable goal right??) Ok maybe not a milli but I'm definitely going to try and get at least one post up a week.

This week I am stoked to tell you about one of my new fav hair products!! I get asked daily what my hair routine consists of and this product is now in my top 5.

It's called Waterl<ss and IT. IS. AMAZING. I've used a ton of dry shampoos in the past because I enjoy working out every day (whether that's in the gym or taking lil Oz on a walk) and I don't want to wash my hair er'day. I'm not down for that bc would make my hair super dry and also washing my hair everyday sounds like a daunting task lol. But with other dry shampoos they have always left residues that have people staring at my roots all day wondering why I haven't taken good care of my dandruff ha. I'm not flaking I swear!! Waterl<ss has a foam dry shampoo and it leaves me residue free :))

After the gym each morning, we put Ozzy down for a little 2 (ish) hour nap and that's when I try to be most productive. I have very limited time and so washing my hair in the shower is usually out of the question. This dry shampoo is my saving grace right now for not having greasy hair in all my photos haha. It's definitely a love.

Not only is this an amazing product, but the brand itself has very high goals about doing good. Those are the types of companies I strive to work with. The origin of this product makes it all the better. I'm sure a lot of you heard about the Cape Town water crisis back in 2018. Severe water shortages required high level restrictions on the amount of water people could use. Waterl<ss was able to provide their products as a means for these people to wash their hair and make their lives a little easier. I've been using their Instant Moisture dry conditioner as well as the Rose & Peach hair refresher!

These products are available in the U.S. on Amazon!


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