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My experience with Mixbook!

As many of you know, Ozzy turned one last month!! I still get all teary-eyed thinking that we've had this little girl in our lives for a whole YEAR. It is seriously so crazy and I've loved every bit of it. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the video that we made for her birthday. I’m so glad we took time to film and take photos of her through all the little stages of her first year. I would have definitely forgotten all the cute little weird things that she did haha. It’s also INSANE how much she has changed. From that tiny little bean on March 23rd of 2019, to the cutest little toddler. AHHHH I LOVE HER !!!

I wanted to find a good way to keep track of all the amazing memories we've had with Ozzy in her first year of life and decided to team up with Mixbook in order to make it happen and I'm so glad I did! Mixbook helps you organize all of your photos into a physical book! I remember flipping through the pages of my mom’s old scrapbooks and it was always so cool to see the photos all tangible and printed out.

The whole process of making the book was actually super simple. I chose a book from their Martha Stewart photo albums and the designs are so cute! It made it so so easy for me to quickly put together all my favorite photos from Ozzy's first year. I honestly don't usually end up doing things like this cuz I get overwhelmed by all the work that it's going to take. That was not the case here. I chose the Abstract Album by Martha Stewart theme. It only took me like an hour to organize all my fav photos and change up the text a little bit. I also think it is a fun project to work on right now given the fact that most of us are quarantined to our homes! Help pass the time a lil bit :)

There is something magical about being able to see your photos printed into a hardcover book. And Ozzy obviously loves looking at the pictures of herself. So vain ;) haha. Every time we pull the book off the shelf she gets a huge smile on her face and goes “ooooahhhhghhhh” haha. It’s so cute. Then she acts like she’s reading it and points at all the pictures as she goes. Overall it was a great experience and I highly recommend it to all of my friends and family. I already have like 100 ideas for more books I want to make haha. Like how cute would an entire book of just Ozzy’s funny faces be?? Or maybe make a book for each trip that she’s been on? Or one with her and all her friends? Ahh, the options are endless!

If you're interested in buying a book for yourself or a loved one I have a 50% off code for you to use!

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Ashley Kessler
Ashley Kessler
25. Feb. 2021

Ozzy is the cutest little babe ever omg!😍

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